and the 2009 Au Pair of the Year is … a “manny!”

Yes, this year’s au pair of the year award from Cultural Care went to a young man from Brazil, Ricardo Silva de Ara├║jo, who works for an American family living in Richmond, Virginia. So yeah, I admit, when I first heard that a guy one the award, which is not easy (this year there were 50,000 nominees), I had to wonder just how great this guy could be that he deserved the award. But this guy does seem great and really does deserve the award.

Ricardo works for a family who has a handicapped 16-year-old boy who is nonverbal. According to the host family, Ricardo has been an excellent caregiver and has treated their son as a normal teenager, which is something no one had really done before. For more about Ricardo and the Au Pair of the Year award, click here.

Hats off to Ricardo – way to represent the male au pairs!