Enjoying a holiday weekend as an Au Pair

American cake(photo courtesy of dreamstime)

With Memorial Day on the calendar tomorrow in the United States and holidays in the UK as well, many lucky au pairs will have this Monday off of work. If so, enjoy!

Not everyone who works as an au pair gets to enjoy every holiday that comes along. The job of an au pair can require, at times, that you work even when everyone else is not. If that is the case, try to keep a good attitude, and incorporate the holiday into your work, if possible. Some ideas to enjoy the day even if you have to work:

  • take the kids somewhere special, such as out for ice cream or somewhere different, such as a zoo or aquarium
  • host a mini-party with your host family by preparing holiday-themed treats with the kids
  • plan a “play date” with other au pairs you may know. Working holidays are a lot more fun when you can spend the time with friends!

Of course, keep in mind that working days go by faster if you have plans for the evening! Plan on catching up with friends and celebrating the holiday after you finish work …

Easter Special: Au Pair eBook on Sale!

Happy Easter

(photo courtesy of dreamstime)

Happy Easter everyone!

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