Au pair warning – please be careful during the holiday season!

(photo by dreamstime)

Blame it on the fact that I am a now mother of three children, but when horrible things happen to people, an alarm goes off internally that simply forces me to warn others. This was the case when I read about a German au pair who lost her life in a car accident in New York state this week. The young woman apparently lost control of the vehicle she was driving on icy roads, crashing into an oncoming car. How my heart breaks for the parents of this woman!

Now no one wants to focus on the bad, especially during the holidays, but it is important, especially with harsh winter weather conditions in many places around the world, to remember to be careful. Au pairs (as well as other international travelers) need to be especially careful, as they are living in surroundings that may be unfamiliar, even if they have been in their new home for some time.

As we approach Christmas and the New Year, please remember to be especially cautious. Be safe when driving and traveling. Enjoy yourself during this holiday season, but don’t take any unnecessary risks. Make sure you do everything to ensure that you stay safe!