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  2. Cilie says:

    Am I supposed to fill this out before being able to join the forum? :)

  3. Gabby says:

    Hi there! I filled out a profile on and I got a request to have a background check done. I was wondering if this site is infact safe and if anyone has filled out the background check information with no problems. I am very hesitant to give my social security number out online. Any advice and information would be great!

  4. Talya says:

    @Cilie – nope, feel free to join the forum! I’m ironing out the kinks at the moment but should have the forum fit this page SOON … (html is not my friend : ) ). You’re more than welcome to comment here in the meantime!

    @Gabby – I have not personally done anything with GreatAuPair, but they do have a good reputation from what I have heard.

  5. Gabby says:

    Hi again! Thanks Tayla for your response. Does anyone have any information on whether it is possible to be an American au pair in Italy. I hear it is hard to get a visa if you are staying longer than 3 months… ahhh I don’t know what to do. Any information would be helpful :)

  6. Maria says:

    Hi Gabby:

    GreatAupair has been helping bring together families and au pairs since 2001, and since then have helped over 1,000,000 families and care providers safely connect online for local and international care jobs.

    If you want to hear first hand from some of our customers, please take a look at the customer reviews that are posted on the front page of the website.

    GreatAuPair’s proprietary 30-point anti-fraud system indentifies potentially abusive or fraudulent activity and eliminates it immediately. Customers remain in control of their own privacy through a secure double-blind email system and professional, friendly support staff is available every day via email and phone to ensure each customer’s success.

    Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns about the registration process and wishing you the best of luck in finding the perfect match for your au pair experience.


  7. Maria says:

    Gabby –
    One more note, the website has a great deal of information on au pair legal and visa requirements. You can find this information at:

  8. meital says:

    Where can i find a salary calculator for au pairs in europe?

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  10. valentina says:

    Hi :) ,
    I have two questions:
    - now I’m learning english, but I don’t know it very well still. Even though my level is not very high.. Have I got the same possibilities to go abroad how an au pair?;
    - last monday I read than the host family don’t want an au pair girl who has got a boyfriend, it’s true? For example: I’m a very serious and responsable girl, but I have got a boyfriend … for that I cannot do au pair?

  11. Dear Valentina,

    I am Miryam Aubert from Au pair Australia and would like to explain you about your question, most families do not want a girl with a boyfriend because this means there is a big chance that the au pair will get homesick and try to go back to her country, I have had about 12 au pairs so far, and from them 3 had a boyfriend, 2 had a serious relationships but were mature enough to know what means to go abroad for 6 months and i never had a problem or saw them sad, however the other one, was not mature and about 3 days of her arrival to Australia started to miss him too much and wanted to go back, do you imagine what is for a family to wait 1 or 2 months for an aupair and suddenly she sais I am going home ! is terrible for some families as in Australia there is limited childcare in preschools, nannies are very expensive and you have to book places in childcare for months in advance, no joking, i had to book for 9 months for my son, so usually families do not want to take the risk

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