Au Pair Ebook

Are you moving abroad to work as an Au Pair? Or are you thinking about it … and wanting to find out more about what life as an Au Pair is really like?

If so, then this ebook is for you!

Being an Au Pair is a great way to see the world. You’ll  experience a new country and culture, learn a new language (or not …), and meet some amazing people. It is, hands down, one of the best ways to see the world and you can have the time of your life.

But to make the most of it, there are some things you need to know. Being prepared will make all the difference, and The Girl’s Guide to Being An Au Pair, can help you!

This ebook is full of information that will help you learn all about the au pair life … whether you are just thinking about working as an au pair, or you are have already found a family to work for and want to be as ready as you can be. Practical tips and advice will help you prepare to go and help you while you are there.

And it’s not just a “how-to.” In my book, I share my own au pair adventure – so you don’t just get advice, but you read about what being an au pair actually is like.

Here’s what’s inside!

Chapter 1 : What Exactly is an Au Pair? … Find out what the job is, as well as what it isn’t – and a bit of history behind the au pair job.

Chapter 2: Do You Have What it Takes? … Learn what makes a great au pair – traits you must have and those you don’t.

Chapter 3: Where in the World Should I Go? … Practical information on the countries that are the most popular with au pairs in terms of location, vacation time, pay, and more.

Chapter 4: Finding the Right Family to Work For … How to find a family that will be a good fit for you. This is crucial for a good au pair experience!

Chapter 5: Taking Care of Business … Negotiating a work contract that is good for both you and your host family. As they say, the devil is in the details, so make sure you have everything nailed down before you leave.

Chapter 6: Getting Ready to Go … What to prepare for and pack. You’re packing for a year, so know what you need … and what you don’t!

Chapter 7: Surviving and Thriving in a New Country … Culture shock 101  – Dealing with a new people, place, new language, and a new way of life. Even seasoned travelers will benefit from the advice on how to live in an entirely different setting.

Chapter 8: Dealing with Daily Au Pair Stress … Living in another country and with a different family, can be challenging at times. Practical tips to keep calm when times are tough.

Chapter 9: Making the Most of Your “Pocket Money” Budget … How to stretch your dollars (or Euros, or whichever currency you’re using!) and have a good time on a small budget.

Chapter 10: Wrapping Things Up – Should I Stay or Should I go? … Not sure if you’re quite ready to go back home? Advice for deciding whether to extend your au pair contract or move on, including other options for extending your time abroad if you just can’t pull yourself away.

Is this something that will help? Then click on the Buy Now button below to purchase your copy of The Girl’s Guide to Being An Au Pair for $20.00 

Au Pair Ebook

What people are saying about The Girl’s Guide to Being an Au Pair:

“It has lots of useful information written in a colorful, travel-style prose that reviews what it is like to be transported into a new culture and immerse yourself in its food, wine, people, customs and language.  A must read for prospective au pairs and host families and great fun for the rest of us!”

Edina Stone, Founding director of Au Pair Clearinghouse and expert on the Au Pair industry

“I think it is very interesting and has lots of useful information. We purchased this book in bulk for our new au pairs, and it’s been very helpful for them as they start their job au au pairs. I highly recommend it.”

Karen Krüger, Program Manager High School & Au pair Germany Au Pair Care


How do I purchase?

Click on the order link below, and you’ll be sent to PayPal and use your credit card or existing PayPal account to make the purchase. You don’t have to have a PayPal account to purchase (any credit card will work without a PayPal account). And you don’t have to be in the US!

How and when do I receive the Ebook?
The Ebook will be sent to you via email as a PDF within one business day of purchase.

Can the Ebook be sent as a gift?
Of course! If you would like to send The Girl’s Guide to Being an Au Pair as a gift, please make a note of it when checking out in the “note to seller” section on PayPal. Be sure to include the recipient’s address and any note you would like us to send with it.

Do you offer discounts on multiple copies?
We sure do. There is special pricing for host families and au pair agencies wanting to give their au pairs the Ebook as a welcome gift. Please contact info@bestaupairguide for details.

Au Pair Ebook

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