Poll: What are the top Au Pair destinations for 2012?

travelSince we are starting out the new year, I would love to hear from au pairs – and anyone thinking or dreaming about going abroad in 2012.

Where are you thinking about going? Which places keep you up at night wishing you could see? Is there more than one place you would consider working as an au pair? I worked as an au pair in Germany and loved it, but as I was am pretty much obsessed with all things French, I sometimes wonder whether I should have gone to France instead …

But what about you? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Please let us know in the comments field – and yes, you are allowed to list more than one top destination!


2 thoughts on “Poll: What are the top Au Pair destinations for 2012?

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  2. Dear sir/Madam
    May agencies are hiring au-pair in high rate here at kathmandu. Please let me know if i can help you and send male and female from kathmandu Nepal charging minimum amount.

    Please mail me. so, i can do social work. I said social work because if my effort could save money of poor people.

    Anil Chalise
    kathmandu Nepal.

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