Happy Halloween!

pumpkin picture (photo by dreamstime)

If you’re an au pair working in America, you are probably celebrating Halloween today. And if you’re an American working abroad, you might also be celebrating Halloween with your host family. Halloween is a great holiday for kids (as long as you keep the scary stuff at bay).

If you’re working this Halloween, be sure to enjoy it! Dress up with the kids, carve a pumpkin, and bake some yummy Halloween treats. This time of year the weather is still bearable (unless you happen to be on the East Coast in the snowstorm!), so enjoy the cool crisp fall air with the kids as well. It may be one of your last chances to be outdoors without freezing, so make sure you take advantage of it.

So what are you doing this Halloween? Are you trick-or-treating with the kids? Or heading to a party yourself?


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