and the 2009 Au Pair of the Year is … a “manny!”

Yes, this year’s au pair of the year award from Cultural Care went to a young man from Brazil, Ricardo Silva de Araújo, who works for an American family living in Richmond, Virginia. So yeah, I admit, when I first heard that a guy one the award, which is not easy (this year there were 50,000 nominees), I had to wonder just how great this guy could be that he deserved the award. But this guy does seem great and really does deserve the award.

Ricardo works for a family who has a handicapped 16-year-old boy who is nonverbal. According to the host family, Ricardo has been an excellent caregiver and has treated their son as a normal teenager, which is something no one had really done before. For more about Ricardo and the Au Pair of the Year award, click here.

Hats off to Ricardo – way to represent the male au pairs!


7 thoughts on “and the 2009 Au Pair of the Year is … a “manny!”

  1. Hi, new to your site, it is great. Lots of feedback from au pairs, I like that.

    Did you hear anything about this au pair leaving the program early and before his contract was up?

  2. Hi John,

    No! I didn’t hear that … that’s crazy if it’s true. Where did you hear that? If it is true, did he have to give back his title? 🙂 Very curious now …

  3. It’s great to hear that a male Au Pair won the award this year. Many people have misconceptions about male Au Pairs. Contrary to what many believe, they are great with kids and they can really be a big brother for the children they care for.

  4. Hi Talya and happy new year!

    Your reader, John, is correct, Ricardo from Cultural Care, who was the 2009 recipient of the IAPA’s annual Au Pair of the Year Award, did return home early in his second year. I confirmed this fact with Ms. Jordan, Vice President of Cultural Care. She told our readers that he left for “personal reasons.”

    We are currently running a poll on our website, “Would you host a Male Au Pair?” If you would like your vote counted (and to read all about “mannies;” please visit our site soon!

    Edina Stone
    Founder & CEO
    National News Center Au Pair Agencies

  5. Thanks, Edina! And a happy, successful, new year to you as well.

    I have no idea if Ricardo’s reason for leaving was similar to mine, but from my own experience as an au pair, one year is about good. I thought that I was fine and could stay indefinitely, but realized later that I’d reached my limit at year one and should have gone home. I wonder if the au pair of the year also perhaps just needed to return home.

    I’d love to hear from other APs out there – has anyone stayed longer than a year? If so, what are the pros/cons? Did it turn out well?

  6. Hi…
    Thank you for this very well written article!

    First I could not believe that a male participant won the award! I would like to mention it is absolutely great, and after reading the story I did understand why.. amazing..

    Also, relating to my own au pair experiences, I think after beineg an au pair for one year you need to see something different, something new. You did a great job, impoved your english skills to the highest, made many friends.. in my opinion you got experience enough in this field and you should never push your limits..

    And last but not least I need to say I really like your Blog and I will continuing to follow your posts!

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