can guys be Au Pairs too?

This site – and others as well – are admittedly very girl-centered, so the boys out there might be wondering where they fit in. While taking care of children tends to be a female dominated field, there are young men who work as au pairs, and they apparently do a very good job. Some governments, such as in the UK, are even working towards encouraging more guys to take on the au pair job.

There are many benefits for choosing male au pairs. From what I’ve seen, male au pairs (or ‘mannies,’ as they are frequently called) are actually easier to deal with than female au pairs. Are we surprised? We probably shouldn’t be. Apparently they are more flexible, more practical, and don’t run home as quickly as the girls do if things aren’t going perfectly. They also are happier with simpler accommodations and are willing to do more of the housework without complaint.

That said, there are families in which male au pairs fit in better. Host families with younger children prefer female au pairs, as they tend to be more nurturing and better prepared to deal with the demands of infants and toddlers. But for families with older, more active children, males work very well. The male preference for action and physicality makes them perfect for kids who need to get out and play. They also help with their sports practice, and are surprisingly creative, according to some of the families out there with male au pairs.

Although female au pairs still ‘dominate the field,’ more and more families are turning to guys. Male au pairs are becoming especially popular among single moms, who appreciate having male role models for their children.

Of course, the benefits for the ‘mannies’ are the same as for the girls. They are motivated by a chance to live in another country inexpensively, learn or perfect a foreign language, and get to know another culture firsthand. Many are also looking for an interesting way to spend a gap year, taking a break between studies or career changes.

So for the guys out there wondering – perhaps secretly! – if they can be au pairs, the answer is a loud, resounding ‘YES.’ Give it a shot!


10 thoughts on “can guys be Au Pairs too?

  1. This is a great little article. I agree, male au pairs are a rare breed but the few out there are consistantly standout individuals who report having enjoyable, meaningful experiences with their host families. I work with AuPairCare, one of the leading placement agencies, and about 10% of our au pair applicants are male. They are perfect for families specifically requesting male au pairs–usually a family with all boys, or single dads juggling work and kids. Our male au pairs report great bonding experiences and are excellent role models. I’d recommend guys to go for it!

  2. I was really wondering, can guys be au pair? I am an au pair still searching for a host family and every family I come across is wanting a female au pair. Since November 2008, I haven;t gotten a family.
    Well if you say the guys should go for it, then I will still give it a try. Probably I haven’t gone to the right agency. I’m going to still give it a try as a ‘mannie’.

  3. Hi – I agree that males can be au pairs too!

    I saw on the website that Cultural Care au pair agency’s Au Pair of the Year Award for 2009 went to a male! I wonder if this will help American host families to consider males as au pairs – I know it is not as common here as it is abroad.

    Has anyone had experience as a male au pair?

    I would love to hear the guys’ experiences.

  4. Hi there everyone! Okay, so I have to admit, I am a Mannie! I am leaving for the US soon, from South Africa! I have been taking care of other people’s kids ever since I was a child, and I do it free of charge, I just like kids. This will be the first time for me Au Pairing abroad, and getting paid and I must admit (once again) that it scares the life from my pants…I honestly hope that the cultural differences won’t be too great. If you have advice, feel free to email me!

  5. im 19 from india andi wana be an au pair in ireland / im studyng hospitality can cook well, clean n doall sorts of work wher can i findajob for the month of may 2011?

  6. I have been looking for a host family for three months already. Unfortunately, most of the families (if not all of them want a female au pair) there anyone who knows a website or agency where male au pairs can have a better chance of finding a host family?..please e-mail me if you do so…

  7. Hello guys.. My name is Metta.
    Please e-mail me, so we can share each other and find a best way to be an aupair :). Because I have the same problem with you, guys.

    I’ll wait for your email, friends 🙂

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